Choosing where to continue your education is a major decision will not regret, especially if you are ambitions and determined to succeed. We are able to focus on the needs of each individual students and aim to nurture each student in order to ensure their journey at BIMK is a successful and improves future prospects.

BIMK is a diverse and friendly leaving college where students progress well in their studies and we are proud of their achievements, we will give you all the supports and encouragements you need to achieve the success you deserve and to create the future you want for yourself. we will treat you with respect, take your view seriously and encourage you to be creative, make new friends and contribute to the wider community.

The college has invested heavily in our estate to modernize and take full advantage of an inspiring traditional building. Furthermore, this has been extended as the college has grown and to develop our teaching and sporting facilities.

I, on behalf of BIMK Family, welcome the students to join this prestigious temple of learning.

Affectionately Yours,

Balaji Institute of IT & Management, Kadapa.