"When you actually go into the business world and you look at the data, half of the data is missing, some of it doesn’t make any sense, but you still have to use it. You can’t say, ‘I quit.’"

- Dr. Goutam Chakraborty

The MBA in Computer Systems will provide a combination that will provide a foundation needed for increased competence, knowledge and skills in this area. This qualification will prove invaluable to the student who is interested in expanding his skills in this direction.

You will be gain extensive knowledge of computer systems and their use in the world of business. A wide range of computer-related skills and areas of MBA Computer system-related knowledge will be imparted to you. Students of MBA in computer systems are equipped with the necessary experience and skills to progress and enjoy future careers in this particular area of business administration.


1.Customer Relationship Management

2.Data warehousing and Mining

3.Data Communication and Network Analysis

4.Corporate Information Management