Live projects are a facility to get to work on the techniques being used, or will be used in real world. Working on a live project is a challenging job as the team members are not free to do the things as they like. They have to follow the guidelines given by the client or the project leader or the manager. While working on live projects, students learn:

  • To work on dead line
  • To survive work pressures
  • To test actual results
  • To face and resolve real time issues to work efficient
  • To handle important data

                  Our students are constantly engaged in live projects which aimed at solving real time problems and helps in practical learning, nearly 200 students got selected for live projects for last three years.

List of companies:

  1. Rayala seema spinners, Kadapa.
  2. Bharathi cements, Yerraguntla, Kadapa.
  3. Nandi pipes, Nandyal.
  4. Kottha's Ganesh,Kadapa.
  5. K Honda,Kadapa.
  6. Chaitanya Chemicals, Kadapa.
  7. Berger Paint India Limite, chittoor.
  8. Sri jayalakshmi oil,Kadapa.
  9. Integrated Thermoplastics Limited,Hyderabad.
  10. Cummins India Ltd,Kadapa.
  11. Royal minerals, Kodur.
  12. APSPDCL,Tirupati.
  13. Rayalaseema Thermal Power Plant, Muddanur,Kadapa.
  14. MSA Motors (Marathi Suzuki), KADAPA.
  15. MDH Motors (TVS), Kadapa.
  16. Haroon Motors (BAJAJ), Kadapa.