All students of Balaji Institute of IT & Management (BIMK) should abide by the provision of the following Code of Conduct

1.The students of BIMK should display exemplary conduct and character, not only within the campus but also outside.

2.The students should be regular to their classes and should conduct themselves with dignity and decorum, befitting the professional status.

3.The students should be equipped for all lessons with relevant materials and stationary and have Student ID Card at all times when at college.

4.The students should be objects of cleanliness and hygiene.

5.They should respect their teachers and staff.

6.The students should feel a sense of belonging and accordingly and accordingly protect the furniture, class room and laboratory equipment, and library books.

7.The students of BIMK should not disturb the peace, serenity and academic life of the campus.

8.The students should switch off their mobile phone within academic boundaries.

9.The students should appreciate the Institute’s diverse community and cultural heritage.

10.The college premises and buildings should be kept clean. Writing of any nature and sticking of posters and notices on the buildings or walls are strictly prohibited.

11.The students should read the notice board regularly so as not to miss any significant development.

12.Any student(s) responsible for bringing outside elements into the campus for creating law and order problems will be severely dealt with.

13.The students should restrain themselves from any undesirable practices such as strike, picketing etc.

14.The student should not use Internet facility for any activity other than academic.

15.Eve-teasing, smoking, blowing horn, whistling of any kind is strictly prohibited within the college premises.

Since the ragging is law & order problem, ragging in any form to any extent is strictly
Prohibited within or outside the college. This attracts serious punishment and entails summary dismissal from the college also.

Any student found not adhering to the Code of Conduct laid down by the institution will need to face disciplinary proceedings and the decision taken in this regard by the faculty and management shall be final.